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Blade Signs

If you’re looking for an eye-catching sign that drives foot traffic to your location, blade signs are the perfect choice.

A blade sign is one of the most eye-catching sign types. Because they project out from the side of a building façade or storefront, they are one of the best ways to catch foot traffic to your business. They can be designed to mount with a simple pole or frame system, or a more decorative armature bracket. Blade signs can be many shapes and sizes and be either illuminated or non-illuminated.

At Creative Color, we offer a wide variety of blade sign designs for any storefront. We’ll work with you to help craft a sign that speaks to the uniqueness of your business and helps you stand out to passers-by.

Lighted blade signs have many great advantages for business signage or your standard electric sign.

Visibility – Lighted blade signs enhance visibility for businesses that are not directly in direct view from the street. Did you know a blade sign can get over 70% more views than a standard wall sign?

Beauty – Separate your business from the rest with a lighted blade sign that creates a direct impact on the customer.

Here are some materials we use in constructing your quality electric lighted blade sign:

Extruded Aluminum Frame

Acrylic Push Through Letters

Digital Printed Vinyl

Mathews Paint

Rustic and Patina Metals

Decorative Metal Frames

Engineered Construction

We has the expertise to design and fabricate your lighted blade sign for your specific application. We guide the design based on local sign codes, environmental applications, and our customers creativity.

Lighted blade signs can be illuminated with either LED or neon lights to enhance way finding for your business.

The benefits of our LED illuminated blade signs include:

Conserve energy and earn up to a 30% energy savings

LEDs operate well in the cold with low voltage which can reduce any fire and safety hazards

LEDs are recyclable

LEDs do not contain mercury like fluorescent bulbs so you do not have to worry about disposal issues.

Exposed Neon Blade Signs from offer the timeless appeal of exposed neon tubing – a look that never seems to go out of style! The blade sign, fabricated from durable aluminum, houses the electrical components of the neon. The neon tubing protrudes out of the face of the sign, forming the letters. The end result is a weather-resistant, beautiful sign that will turn attention towards your business.

Why Choose an Exposed Neon Blade Sign?

Neon signs are timeless – they never go out of style!

Neon Blade Signs are unique and eye-catching!

Blade Signs can easily be installed onto most building surfaces and wired into the existing electrical system.

Quality-Aluminum construction and lighting components ensure a long, vibrant life with fewer service calls.

Non-illuminated Blade Signs are bracket mounted signs stand away from the building perpendicular to the building creating visibility to vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Blade signs can be either illuminated or non-illuminated and designed to any height and width in accordance to city and local codes. There are literally millions of combinations you can use for designing an amazing blade sign.

Our blade signs and bracket solutions are eye catching and engineered to withstand all the elements.  There are so many variations in materials and colors, as well as mounting options. Our blades are built to project your message and grab the attention of your customers.

Signs can communicate your brand quickly and bring traffic to your business.

Our custom-made blade signs and bracket solutions can be designed to fit your needs. Our designers and engineers work with you to develop eye catching blade signs that are constructed to withstand all the elements.

There are so many variations in materials and colors, as well as mounting options. Single or double-sided, illuminated  or non-illuminated, our blade signs are designed to project your message and grab the attention.