Custom Vinyl Graphics

8 Bit Nissan GTR - 8 Bit Video Game Wrap

3M IJ180CV3 Custom Vinyl Graphics/Livery

A super fun and creative wrap for all ages. We were approached by the Crown Rally to design a full 8 bit video game related vinyl wrap. The canvas was a vintage Nissan GTR in dark metallic grey.

Being huge Nintendo fans and gamers, this was certainly up our alley on a creative level. We brought in the most iconic video game characters (Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Metroid and Sonic to name a few) and really ran with the concept.

By using 3M IJ Vinyls, we have 100% ability to design/print what we want from the best vinyl manufacturer in the business. 3M ControlTac Air release vinyl allows the vinyl to be easily and safely applied and removed.

8 Bit - GTR Video Game Wrap

Turning a Nissan GTR – Into a 8 bit video game theme design wrap

Custom 3M Vinyl Graphics - Make a truly unique and custom experience

Crown Rally 8 Bit GTR Nintendo Wrap

We didn’t want to use the same character in more than one location on the wrap design. We also balanced the “good guy” vs “bad guy” vibe, and played with a variety of different old school video game characters.

While walking around the car from the hood back to the trunk, you can hear people’s excitement as they spot their favorite childhood mascot. It tells a fun story around the entire car!

This was one of the most exciting projects we have worked on here at Creative Color as we had such a blast bringing Frank’s idea to life! It also is one of the most crazy, attention-grabbing Crown Rally based wraps in the rally and will be for many years to come!

What a diversified group of cars! Ranging from Audi’s and Porsche’s to old school muscle cars and huge Super Duty trucks! Its quite the variety and makes the vinyl wrap unique to each vehicle.