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Meet the creatives behind the projects

The Creative Color Story

Creative Color Inc., established in 2004, is a Minneapolis-based full service graphic design and print company. Two driven, inventive guys- our vision was clear as we established a strong foundation for the future. After many strong years of collaboration, 2010 marked a new chapter in our journey when the business was relocated to a more central location in the twin cities. This allowed us to build many new relationships as we engaged our clients with higher efficiency and an expanded service area.

With a true passion for the industry, and creativity staying front of mind- the synergy was rocking and our crew was growing fast while having fun in the process!

Further expansion allowed us to accommodate for additional print and finishing equipment, and increased vehicle installation space was added.  As the company continued to thrive our footprint was again becoming limited. After 7 more years of hard work and dedication to the craft, we took the big leap in 2017 by purchasing a state-of-the-art 22,500 sf building in Minneapolis. Our new home provides us with the opportunity to take on bigger, better and more challenging projects than ever before. With limitations set aside, we have taken the reins of creativity to new heights including the addition of a UL listed illuminated sign fabrication department.


Our team of highly inspired designers, sales professionals, and uniquely skilled craftsmen, has allowed us the opportunity to excel in an ever changing and competitive arena. Our focus is on award-winning design, custom sign fabrication, master carpentry, vehicle wraps, large format printing, branded environments, illumination, and certified installation services.

Creative Color invests in long lasting relationships that withstand the test of time. We have a true appreciation for the history of the craft and pride ourselves in education, solid core values, in-depth product knowledge, and exceptional customer service.

Owner|Creative Director


Creativity and Technology have always been a passion of mine and a big influence throughout my life. From a pencil and paper to a computer mouse doesn’t matter the medium, art inspires me. In my free time, I’m a German car nut and have some pretty awesome hot wheels races with my kids!

Owner | Sales Director


Since the time I was a child I knew that creativity needed a place in my life. Started with a guitar and has only grown from there. Nothing more rewarding than creating something from the ground up. By night I moon light as a super hero, keep your eye in the streets!

Manager | Photographer


A true master of cool, total goofball and bundle of energy! Thankfully he expends some of that energy into exploring, traveling, motorcycling and jamming on the guitar. Twin brother to Brent, he loves to trick new clients.

Sr. Designer | CSR


Art and creativity has always been a passion of mine from a young age. Designing, drawing, painting, photography – I love it all. When not in the office, you can find me leading my daughter’s girl scout troop or chasing around my kids, my camera in my hand and spit up in my hair.

Designer | CSR


Design enthusiast. Font fanatic. Interior designer wanna-be. I tend to enjoy the creative side of things. Most of my hobbies are things I can DIY or just working on house projects in our new home. What I love most in this world is my dog, Arlo. And my husband. I am excited for this new adventure as the newest member of Creative Color and I look forward to what the future brings!

Designer | CSR

Kyle | Capt’n Awesome

I am a man of many talents, none of them are for writing an autobiography.
I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. I’ve done almost every kind of art there is. Drawing, painting, pottery, origami, kirigami, woodworking, photography, and of course, graphic design. I just love creating art in all its forms.

Designer | CSR


A true creative at heart! Much of my professional experience has been working in different facets of the printing industry. I’m passionate about the creative process, and love to be involved from conception to completion. I’m a husband to a loving wife, and father of two beautiful children. On my free time I enjoy camping, canoeing, fishing, and hunting for a great beer and cheeseburger spot. Cheers!

Sales Manager


Some will say I have ink running thru my veins. Over the last 36 years have worked in many different aspects of the industry. I really enjoy engaging with my clients with developing strategic marketing projects. By concepting new projects with strategy, creative concepting, design, and print production. When I am not at work you will find me along with my wife and family at our family cabin, camping on the north shore, cruising, fishing or hunting in the fall.

CSR | Accountant


I may deal with numbers day to day, but I do not lack the creative bug! My background is in interior design, but enjoy all aspects of design. That is why I love being part of this awesome team here at creative. In my free time I love being with my little ones. We enjoy being outside as much as possible, biking, taking our dog for a walk, or just playing tag. Not to brag, but I am the ongoing champion of hide an seek!

Senior Accountant


Four children and eleven grandchildren are what I call mine, but ask anyone and they’ll tell you I’m only twenty-nine.
Travel by land, sea, and air have filled me with amazement and wonder. Married to an Aussie means frequent trips to that Land Down Under.
A couple days a week Creative Color is a favorite place to be but in my spare time behind a sewing or long arm quilting machine is where you’ll find me.