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Custom Rally Vehicle Wraps

Custom vehicle graphics are a great way to give your vehicle its own individual character. Our design team stands ready to create your original stripe package, race inspired livery, or full color printed graphics.

Our designs focus on custom stripe and accent packages for European and American sports cars, exotics, SUV’s, and trucks. We pride ourselves in creating the look that you’re after and giving you a style all your own!

Race cars are known for their uniquely colorful designs that help each car stand out at the race track. Oftentimes, these race car designs are referred to as liveries – or racing livery. Race cars also have sponsors, who’s logos need to be prominently displayed on them. Printed wraps are very common on race cars as its the most efficient way of creating such intricate designs, often with many colors and many logos.

Due to the fact that things change so fast in racing, layering graphics over a wrap or over paint is very common. For this reason, many race car liveries use a combination of a printed wrap with layered decals. We can help your race car project or race team look their best with a custom-designed racing livery. After all, you don’t want so much work and effort in your racing to go unnoticed because of a bland-looking car.

If you need layered graphics, we will often print as much of the wrap as possible and also include in the kit racing numbers, flags or sponsor logos that can be installed on top of the wrap.

The design component is extremely important. Oftentimes someone has an idea for a race car livery design, yet the way it’s imagined ends up not transferring well to real life. It takes a very experienced and keen eye to make a design work for a specific car. Just because it looks good on paper or in your head doesn’t mean it will transfer properly to a vehicle body.

We love doing racing liveries designs and working on exotic vehicles. Our creative design team will work closely with you to insure the final look reflects your preferences and goals. From conception, to design, and installation, we’ll make sure you are in the loop, every step of the way.

At Creative Color we can help you achieve that look that you want. By using our design experience coupled with your idea for a design, we can created a wrap that will be impossible to ignore or forget.

Do you want something completely unique? Our designers can design a one-of-a-kind look that will make your car the center of attention. So let’s get to it! Tell us what you’re after and leave the rest to us. Every project is a challenge for us. We were born to create originals. Get started with a free initial design consultation.

Meet with one of our experience designers to chat about your vision and goals for your car. Whether you’re going for a vivid look, something stylish or understated, we will work with you to understand your vision and goals so the next steps go quickly.

We start with innovative graphic designs that bring to life any vehicle by experienced graphic designers to create something unique and eye-catchy for a brand identity or a personal touch. Our designers will run with your vehicle design ideas and have you proof them to insure they reflect your vision.

All of our wrap designs are produced here in house from start to finish. We carefully review all designs before installation so quality control is completed before the vinyl ever touches your car.

The installation process is where it counts. We use only top-quality vinyl materials to ensure your vehicle’s wrap lasts! The custom vinyl wrap is 100% removable without damaging the original vehicle paint.

We are a 3M/UASG certified vinyl wrap Installation Company specializing in full color digital, color change, interior branded environments, and wall mural installations.

As a UASG company we are among the country’s leading group of professional graphic installers – proven and tested to be the best in the business. The UASG has distinguished itself by being the first organization of its kind to require every vinyl wrap installer to meet the highest standard of professionalism and installation in the industry.

It’s been our mission to establish the standards for the graphics installation trade by cultivating quality, integrity, professionalism, and reliability to our customer base. Our commitment to the graphics industry is matched only by our love for it.

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