Our Facility

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Love where we work

When we purchased our centrally located 22,000/sf building in Minneapolis in the spring of 2017, designing an atmosphere in which Creativity could flourish was at the top on our agenda.

Our comfortable space includes a modern graphic design studio, optimized print production space, huge vehicle vinyl wrap bay, expansive sign production department, and full carpentry division.

We take a great deal of pride presenting our customers with the very best experience in the industry from start to finish. We provide a relaxed creative environment that allows for effective collaboration through the entire design and fabrication process.

Our versatile space gives us the capacity to take on projects of any size and complexity with confidence assuring our clients the best results. Our creative team thrives in a high energy passionate environment where unique ideas flow freely without limitations.

Large Vinyl Wrap Installation Facility

Sure we specialize in fleet vehicles (Vans, cars trucks) and work on lots of sports cars and exotics. However we can fit in any vehicle under the sun from semis, large buses, RVs to even huge crane trucks allowing us no restrictions on any vehicles of any size to fit inside our facility.

Located Off 35W & 98th St.

We are located in Bloomington, MN just off 35W. (West of 35W) off 98th Ave. & Girard Ave. S. Only a few miles from the Mall of America, and 10-15 min from Downtown Minneapolis.