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Channel Letter Signs

In today’s crowded cities and suburbs, having your business name illuminated on the building itself is no longer a luxury but instead a necessity if you want to be noticed. With a wide variety of lettering types, styles, and illumination options, it’s easy for businesses to select a price savvy option to add to their visibility in the field.

• Letter sizes from 6 inches to twelve feet
• Wide selection of acrylic face and plastic trim cap colors
• Unusual letter styles, custom logos and lettering for curved or unique architectural requirements.



Front-lit Channel letters are illuminated from within, a variety of different patterns of lights to draw the attention of bystanders that pass by. 


Could reverse lit Channel letter is also referred to as the Halo Lit Channel letters, This is the type the Flash’s light from behind the letters making it pop out causing girl 3D halo effect.


Open face Channel letters Have clear acrylic which leaves the LED lights open for the brightest view of channel letter type of a signage for a business.

LED Lighting

Principal LED is the sign industry’s value leader in channel letter illumination, with a versatile product range of LED sign modules that gives signage manufacturers choices for everything from 2.0″ depth small signs to high output modules for large letter sets.


Fluorescent alternative LED lighting is a great solution for illuminating cove, awning, and wall wash applications or to highlight non-illuminated signs.


Channel Letters are a highly effective form of advertisement and when illuminated with neon they are highly visible at night. Open Face channel letter is an excellent choice for businesses that need a highly conspicuous night signage presence, such as restaurants, nightclubs and bars.


Most clients require channel letter signage installed on raceways; the signage consists of a metal box, with illuminating circuits for each letter. The main benefit of this option is that it reduces the number of penetrations needed for mounting the sign.


Direct mounting is available for clients that prefer the appearance. Direct mounting means each letter is attached directly to the wall using non-corrosive fasteners. The wiring at the back of the building façade powers the letters’ lighting.

Back Mounted 

Similar to a raceway mount this is without a metal box. Instead, the letters are attached to a metal cabinet that is much bigger than the channel letter sign itself. The wiring can be housed either inside the cabinet or at the back of the building façade.