Branded Environemnts

Extreme Sandbox Mini

Rosedale Center – Store Branding

Extreme Sandbox is an extreme adventure that brings out the dreams you had as a kid playing in the sandbox to life. Here you can drive, dig, and crush in the real life construction equipment. However we live in Minnesota and the winter months are long. What happens when you get the urge to drive an excavator and its nothing but snow outside?

Well good news is Extreme Sandbox opened another location in Rosedale Mall filled with virtual simulators for you to get the same experience.

We helped with Extreme Sandbox bring this location to life. Window graphics, vinyl wall wraps, and custom routed and built signage really helped bring this location to life. Since you are not outside at this location we used awesome large scale photography with all the available machinery to wrap the walls in a 3M vinyl, as well as the pillars with the Extreme Sandbox ‘X’ and the Komatsu logos. When you get back into the training facility we created hanging banners, wall graphics, as well as custom aluminum mounted prints of the many vehicles Extreme Sandbox has to offer.

Extreme Sandbox Mini - Komatsu Mural

From a regular mall store location we were able to design and transform this into a great place to escape the winters and have some fun operating heavy equipment in their many simulators.

Help from Komatsu was greatly appreciated with some huge images of their equipment that really bring the place to life!

There is no doubt that with this branded environment you feel like you are out in a construction zone among the heavy equipment tearing through the sand and dirt. How could we not have fun with designing around the extreme brand?!

Kids and Adults from all ages can have a blast at Extreme Sandbox Mini, the diversity in equipment and hands on mini equipment are a huge hit! The fun environment is really captivating!