Branded Environemnts

Hmong Prep Academy

St. Paul Campus – School Environment Awareness Project

Hmong College Prep Academy is school in Saint Paul that is grades K-12 determined to provide the best integrated, challenging, and well-rounded educational experience to their students. With a new logo and creative brand strategy, they came to us to help them design and wrap their facilities.

The Hmong Prep Academy was looking for a way to have an updated modern educational environment while staying true to their culture.

We used a premium 3M vinyl and laminate to wrap everything from pillars to wall murals, as well as perforated window vinyl, frosted window graphics, and hanging banners. Bringing together all of these elements and designs to create one cohesive brand environment to start the 2017 school year.

Hmong Prep Academy - Auditorium
Hmong Prep Academy - Story Wall

When designing these wall wraps we wanted to be sure to stay true to the Hmong Prep Academy brand. Using their emblem to create different patterns and shapes, along with strong photographs that represented the Hmong culture, we were able to bring the Hmong Prep Academy to life.

The shining star however was their mascot Chiyou. He was used everywhere from the auditorium and cafeteria wall murals to window graphics and pillar wraps.

It was fun getting to really know and understand the culutre and hardships the Hmong community has gone through. With a combination of great branding and creativity we were able to kick off the 2017 school year to really give the students something fun and something to be very proud of.

The most rewarding piece was a huge 30′ mural we designed showing the history of how the Hmong community came to Minnesota through a graphic story. Ranging from the forest mountains of their indigenous homes to leaving the country through tough times, and finally making their way to Minnesota to start their next chapter. The piece really captivates you when you see it in person.