Branded Environemnts

Indeed Brewery

Minneapolis Minnesota Home Brewery Tap Room Project

There are hundreds of breweries in Minnesota and more opening every day. So many that it is impossible to keep track of them all. That seems to be the problem though isn’t it? You are visiting a brewery, having a few pints with some friends, when it’s all said and done your forget which brewery you even visited. This seemed to be the problem for Indeed Brewing Co. as well. Even with Indeed being one of the first craft breweries in the state. Indeed’s team came to us to help solve their problem.

With all the real estate on the walls Indeed’s awesome branding and artwork of local artist Chuck U needed to bring the place to life.

We proposed floor to ceiling vinyl wall murals printed on 3M IJ180 CV3 with a Matte Laminate, with overlaying custom CNC routed birch wood 1.5” thick on the dimensional letter-sets.

Indeed Brewery - Ownership Head Brewer Mural

After a detailed site visit, wall measurements, working with their artists and numerous design and brainstorming sessions we came up with a great solution.

Indeed has such a clean and contemporary feel to their brand that we wanted to replicate that in the wall murals.

Clean lines, contrasting colors, and the use of Chuck U’s illustrations really allowed us to push this taproom to the next level. Indeed has such an awesome unique look and feel that there was no way people would forget where they had been with a branded environment like this.

A nice touch to the mural was a large wall dedicated to the ownership and head brewer who has given Indeed its wonderful and unique beer flavors they have been known for. Done in a contemporary modern halftone style the art was setup to make the mural more abstract which had a very fun feel.