Branded Environemnts

Seventh Street Truck Park

St. Paul Minnesota, Truck Park Brewery – The Great Indoors

Who doesn’t like a good dive bar, food trucks, great beer, and a great time? That is what best describes Saint Paul’s Truck Park. You can get everything there. It’s the modern day ‘Great Indoors!’ From Pizza, to Nachos, to Chicken & Ribs, all served out of their very own individually retro food trucks. This place is a blast from the past, designed with retro illuminated bulb signage, classic 80’s album cover wall murals, and even beer can chandeliers. It is just as it sounds, a Truck Park, and a fun one at that.

It is just as it sounds, a Truck Park, and a fun one at that.

Created by the owners of New Bohemia, their goal was to open an eclectic fun version of a trailer park. With awesome illuminated signage like rustic channel letters and custom neon we were able add to that vision. Not only did signage add to the look and feel of a trailer park but so did the food truck graphics and wall wraps on the interior. We used 3M vinyl to bring these retro wall wraps and graphics to fruition.

Seventh Street Truck Park - Pizza Truck
Seventh Street Truck Park - Neon Bar Sign

Popular 80’s Album Art covers the wall behind the stage, the row of bathrooms wrapped and designed to look like Outhouses, and custom illustrated graffiti to promote S’more beer and the city of Saint Paul.

All the graphics brought together with the interior signage really brought together ‘The Great Indoors’ vibe that is Truck Park.

Our design team had a blast with this branded environment as it is so off the wall and not the norm, How could we not!

We were ecstatic to have the opportunity to create a cool VW bar sign fabricated out of neon and acrylic. The neon sign really adds life and is a huge focal point to this area.