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Determining the appropriate signage for your business requires careful analysis. Purchasing signage is an investment for your business, and as a large investment, you want to make sure you choose the size and style that best suits your needs. Examining your business needs and goals, first and foremost, is imperative in determining the right sign options to accomplish your goals.

Lobby signs, or reception area signs, can benefit every kind of organization or company. Lobby signs are an excellent way to make better use of bland, bare walls in your entrance or reception areas. Rather than bare walls or unremarkable artwork, use lobby signs to invite customers and inform them about who you are. Lobby signs provide an inviting environment for customers and clients, whether your business is a salon, office, auto dealership, or retail store. Whatever enterprise your business is, Creative Color can fulfill your lobby signs needs.

We can use many materials PVC, wood, metal, and acrylic materials in the construction of lobby signs. And, by using high-speed routers, Vital Signs USA is able to cut these materials to any shape or size to perfectly match your current branding.

Signage Types

Acrylic letters are known for being crisp, shiny, and dressy. They are available in a wide array of standard colors, or they can be custom painted to match your branding. There are a couple mounting methods based on the effect you want. Vital Signs USA can either flush mount the letters or stand them off the wall for a dimensional effect.

Aluminum is typically used for metal letters. These letters can be routed to precisely match the font of your other marketing materials. Another option is metal laminate, which is a cheaper alternative that has the same effect as an all-metal sign.

This is a new offering that is growing in popularity due to the huge impact it has. These back-lit lobby signs give off a feeling of innovation and elegance. LED lights are used for illuminated lobby signs.

Lobby plaques are most commonly acrylic, but can also be frosted to provide an opaque background, which is particularly useful when hiding wall defects. Graphics can be printed vinyl or dimensional (acrylic or metal) or a combination of both. Plaques are mounted to the wall with studs and custom screw covers which add to the plaque’s elegance. Plaques can also be removed and relocated more easily than individual letters, which is less damaging to the wall.