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Custom monument signs can create a professional entrance to your company. We custom build our monument signs in Minneapolis, MN. They can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Our signs are built from materials that are proven to withstand the elements of nature and time. Our custom monuments signs can come with or without illumination for any budget. Multi-tenant options available as well.

In the past, brick and mortar construction was the norm. Now, you have additional alternatives. Examples include pre-formed foam monuments that easily mimic the look of bricks and stucco, post and panel setups that include electrical cabinets, and metal with acrylic signs that appeal to a contemporary demographic.

Illumination may be built in with LEDs or supplied externally with landscape spotlights. Some clients have had excellent success with the integration of illuminated channel letters with their brick and mortar or foam products. Others like the idea of featuring metal with push-through acrylic lettering that illuminates from the inside of the sign. Choose from shapes that feature curves, straight edges, or display as triangles, squares, and even columns.

The most common monument sign type is the post & panel sign.  As the name suggests, these signs utilize two or three posts to hold a sign panel displaying your message, which is typically your business name, logo, slogan and address number.  Post & panel signs can be designed to look ornate or modern – and anywhere in between.

Post & panel signs are typically made from PVC, aluminum or wood.  While wood signs often look the most decorative initially, they deteriorate faster than their non-wood counterparts.

Architectural monument signs typically utilize mixed materials to create a custom look that expresses your company’s brand message and values.  Some of the more common types would be a stone or brick surround with some type of custom sign insert or custom fabricated aluminum with cut metal or vinyl graphics.  The options are as wide as your imagination can go.

Relatively new to the monument sign market and low cost, light weight foam signs.  As a substitute for real (and costly) architectural materials such as stone, wood, concrete, steel and stucco. Textured foam with a durable coating are formed to replicate those materials.  These signs look like the real thing without the expense