pylon signs
Illuminated | Non- Illuminated

Pylon Signs

Custom Shaped or Basic Rectangle cabinets to fit any need. A Pylon sign is typically the first sign a customer sees when approaching your facility, restaurant etc. Bright and colorful – fully illuminated LED options are available.

• Single face or double faced
• Accommodate a variety of face materials
• Specializing in custom shapes
• Large or complex designs
• Tenured certified steel welders, aluminum welders and painters

  • Adding an LED message board can offer motorists even greater value, displaying crucial information such as ambient temperature, time, and weather conditions. You can also program any message you’d like, allowing you to gear your copy toward your target customer.
  • Incorporate masonry into your pylon sign to capture some of the elegance of traditional monument signage.
  • Illumination from a lightbox, or via spotlights positioned on the ground, will help drivers discern the fine details of your pylon sign late at night.

Pylon Options

Want a classic design that’s both economical and monolithic? Single-pole mount pylon signs are perfect for those looking to stand out among high-rise structures. They typically stand as tall as eighty feet, though some stretch up to one-hundred feet.

Some say two is always better than one. Well, in the world of pylon signs, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yes, two poles provide greater rigidity and added strength, but some marketers just prefer the symmetry of a two-pole design.

If you don’t like the visual appeal of an exposed aluminum pole, you can cover the structural supports in a variety of creative ways. Signs Now can fabricate a custom, personalized cover that’ll match your business’s aesthetic.

These pole signs resemble monument signs in their robust construction and placement near entrances/exits. They are often employed by shopping centers and malls to display the names and logos of tenant businesses.