Food Truck Wrap

Psycho Stix

Cambodian Cuisine

Not too often you see a bright blue food truck rolling down the road. Not only that but it says “Psycho Stix.” What the heck kind of food could that be?! Funny thing is, psycho in Cambodian means Beef! Psycho Stix serves mouth watering beef tip skewers.

Creative Color wanted to help Psycho Stix stand out from the rest.

Han from Psycho Stix came to us with a plan. It was up to us at Creative Color to help push that plan to the next level and bring this food truck to life. We loved the idea to make this food truck primarily blue, and play off the Cambodian Cuisine as well as the name Psycho Stix.

Food Truck Wrap - Psycho Stix

We made the background a vibrant blue with subtle touches of Cambodian heritage like Angkor Wat. On top of that the giant logo really pops with the bright red beef skewers. Along with the logo we wanted to incorporate an element that also related really well to the name Psycho Stix. A psycho bull on each side of the food truck mad with hunger. We digitally printed on premium 3M vinyl with a gloss laminate that really gave this food truck a new life.

Killer Cambodian Cuisine served on as a fresh beef skewer. If you and your friends are mad with hunger this is the truck to track down. We loved working with the Psycho Stix team and the outcome was a truck to be reckoned with.