Custom Vinyl Graphics

Kannonball Fun Charity Rally

3M IJ180CV3 Custom Vinyl Graphics/Livery

Kannonball Fun Charity Rally The Kannonball Fun Charity Rally embarked on a 300-mile adventure around Minnesota. With nine checkpoints and various challenges, this 130 car rally was packed with excitement and fun!

We partnered up with Kannonball Rally and 3M to make these cars unique and rally ready!

Using 3M IJ Vinyls we have 100% creativity to design/print what we wanted from the best vinyl manufacture in the business. 3M ControlTac Air release vinyl allows the vinyl to be easily applied, and easily/safely removed.

Kannonball Rally - Highlight Reel

Check out a behind the scenes take of the Kannonball Fun Charity Rally

Kannonball Rally - Install Party

Design, print, produce and install vinyl livery on over 125 cars is quite the challenge in a short window! All the fun people and cars have made it a blast!

Custom 3M Vinyl Graphics - Make a truly unique and custom experience

Kannonball Rally - Custom Graphics
Vehicle Wraps FAQ's

Every year we have worked on a custom and unique livery design that works really well on all the different types of cars, but keeps a nice consistency. A graphic kit that needs to fit on a Porsche Boxster to a Super Duty Ford F350 can be quite the challenge.

Working with 3M vinyls allows us the freedom to print and design whatever type of design we wanted. It also allows for a safe vinyl removable being a ControlTac film.

The Kannonball Rally has been a really fun and down to earth crew. Meeting all the new friendly and fun faces has been a lot of fun over the seasons!

Quite the diversified group of cars! Ranging from Audi’s and Porsches to old school muscle cars and huge Super Duty trucks! Its quite the variety and makes the vinyl wrap unique to each vehicle.